Schools and Group Visits

Arrange a visit

We will happily arrange school and group visits to the Volcanoes Discovery Centre on any day of the week.


Group tours

The Volcanoes Discovery Centre welcomes tour groups facilitated by our dedicated volunteer tour guides.

After you have explored the Centre, we will take our guests to our education room where we will provide them with a presentation on Volcanoes in general and also Victorian Volcanoes. 

During the presentation we also let our visitors get an up close and hands on inspection of different types of volcanic rocks.

We can also arrange for a tour guide to take you on a walk up Penshurst’s own Mount Rouse and if requested we will also show you the old quarry so you can get a closer look at how lava flows and different layers of eruptions.


School Groups

We provide an immersive and educational experience for school kids of all ages.

Upon arrival we will give the students an age specific Volcanoes related worksheet, which they can find all the answers in our educational and informative display Centre.